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Vault everyone into Jumpy Jump Land with this Little Tikes Jump'N'Slide. It's hours of fun and entertainment for a toddler birthday party. Get them sugared up on pizza, birthday cake, and soda, throw them in the magic castle, get them tired, and put them to bed early. Parents rejoice!

C'mon, think back to when you were little ... bounce houses, magic castles, and other inflatables were the best.

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Don't think bounce houses are awesome?   read on

What kinds of event(s) is a bounce house best for?

Birthday parties. But if you want to get creative, any event with kids, aged 3-8? School/church events. First communions. To keep your kids busy while you watch the Super Bowl. Anything goes. In fact, your average October high is 70 degrees, so buy the bounce house for Halloween and have kids jump in it with their costumes. November? average high is 64 degrees. Thanksgiving bounce house!.

Other ideas for kid birthday parties

To start, no one likes playing pin the tail on the donkey. What is this, 1899?!

No, kids want to jump around and get all nimbly-bimbly, and you can't do that being spun in circles until you're dizzy. Plus, that enters the vomit zone and that's a no-no. Let's consider some other options for birthday parties:

  • Ladderball? Boring
  • Tug of War? Useless
  • Laser tag? Awesome, but too young

Trampoline park? Awesome, but too expensive. Plus, you end up paying the markup on pizza delivery because the park, "doesn't allow external food" or they insist upon, "tablecloth rentals" ... or some ridiculousness.

What about pools you say? Good gosh, folks, pools are like quicksand, only water. Someone needs to pay constant attention, making sure your little tike doesn't drown. And don't even get me started on noodles, those foam war mallets are dangerous.

I mean, you could throw a Deadpool birthday party, complete with Ryan Reynolds, and I'm sure both the kids and ladies would be pleased, but that's just unrealistic.

... Or is it?

Screencap from Men's Journal article - "Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Crashes a Kid’s Birthday in Hilarious New Set Photos"

Come to think of it, a velcro wall would be pretty sweet. But enough about velcro walls, this is about bouncy houses and magic castles and inflatables.

It's Party Time!
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Frequently asked questions

Trust me, your kids will thank you for buying this little tikes jump'n'slide (and I will too). Below is important information about the dimensions of the bounce house, how much it weighs, where you should put it, and more.

Where can I buy the bounce house?

The bounce house is mainly available for purchase on Amazon. And, if you don't buy it, little [your kid's name] will not be psyched and you will feel like Ms. Phyllis Weaver on the Wheel of Fish.

How big is the Jump'n'Slide Bouncer?

144 x 108 x 72 in.

- or -

12 x 9 x 6 ft.

- and -

~ 7 x 7 x 4 ft. (if you care about the inside bounce area)

How much room do I need when setting it up?

A few feet on either side should do.

How much does it weigh?

37.4 lbs. (call the box an extra pound)

What does the bounce house come with?

Stakes, a large blower (GFCI), a repair kit, and a storage bag.

Any fun features?

A slide and a place to store your shoes on the side

How long does it take to inflate?

Minutes, per Little Tikes

Max weight limit inside the bounce house?

250 lbs.

Anything about operating a bounce house I should know?

After inflation, blower must run continuously while children are playing. Make sure jumper has been staked down. Make sure you put stakes in on an angle. Supervise your children. No food items, no shoes, and no sharp or pointed items should be allowed in the unit. Avoid kinks in the blower. Do not place the unit under trees or wires (electrical or otherwise). If something gets spilled, or it rains, please towel it up. Storing the bounce house damp will most likely result in it getting moldy. And please use common sense. Deflating the bounce house while it is in use is never a good idea.

Think of the children, man!

Does the blower need electricity?

Yes. An extension cord is probably a good idea as well.

What type of surface do you need to set the bounce house up on?

To be safe, focus on lawns, dirt, and other flat, non-abrasive surfaces that won't cause damage to the material. You should certainly not set it up somewhere where it will become a safety hazard to the children or the equipment.

What about taking the bounce house down?

Take the time to remove as much of the air from the bounce house as possible after you finish using it. You can even have kids walk on it to help get the air out. Make sure it’s as flat as can be. The goal is really to make sure all of the air is out.

Once again, make sure that it is dry, otherwise it will become moldy and unusable for future use.

Again, think of the children, man! Don't steal someone else's sunshine ...

What clothes are appropriate?

Children's play clothes. As for their feet, socks and bare feet should be fine. Please keep shoes off while in use, that's why there is a shoe holder attached (to some models).

Can I use the bounce house indoors?

If you're ballin' and your house is big enough, and, the surface isn't abasive, then it should be fine.

What age child typically uses a bounce house?

In general, 3 to 8. Remember, ALWAYS under parental supervision though.

Can I use a bounce house in water?

No. You absolutely should not.

What if the bounce house doesn't come with instructions?

Feel free to download the bounce house instructions from the Little Tikes website.

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Think of the children, man!

I love my kids!

Let's face it, you aren't Brian Madison of Madison Hotels, so you aren't throwing your son Billy an all campus rager ...

Sure, you could have concessions: popcorn makers. hand cranked snow cone makers. a hot dog steamer. pretzel machines, cotton candy makers. maybe even a make your own nacho stand. bubbles. balloons. maybe hire a clown. ball pit. sumo suits. a big air dancer. swing sets. a super sized soccer ball. a balloon twister. caricature artist. face painters. maybe even hire a real life Elsa from frozen. obstacle course. egg toss. sumo suits. dunk tank. moon bounce, blast zone, you name it.

But what little kids really want is a bounce house. And, what parents really want, is also a bounce house. Seriously, tire those little tikes out.

Buy a bounce house today!